The Clansman Motel & Cottages - Boshkung Lake Resort
16457 Hwy 35, Algonquin Highlands, Ontario, Canada

Motel Features

  • Overnight & Weekly Stays.
  • Units accommodate two to five people.
  • The rooms are equipped with one and two double beds, three or four piece baths.
  • Colour TVs and satelite tv and, mini fridges.
  • Most rooms have ceiling fans and air condition.
  • No pets allowed.


Motel Rates

Motel Units Daily  
Small Rooms 90.00  
Large Rooms

Double occupancy - $101.00

Three person occupancy - $111.00

Four Person occupancy - $121.00





Note: During July and August, 1 night stays in motel rooms on Saturday's only will be billed an additional $20.00. Cancellation policy seven days in effect, we reserve the right to charge you fully for your stay.